Squirrel Proof

Squirrels can be cute but can quickly become an expensive nuisance as they eat through bags and bags of your birdseed. The fluffy-tailed fiends are athletic and natural problem solvers. Find the perfect bird feeder you need to outsmart them.

The best squirrel proof bird feeders allow for a variety of birds to feed comfortably while preventing squirrels from reaching the food. Common measures include weight-sensitive perches, cages, spinning feeders, and baffles.

Weight-sensitive perches allow birds to feed unimpeded naturally. However, when something as heavy as a squirrel uses the perch, a spring attached to the perch will close a door or wall over the opening to the food.

Cages enclose the feeder entirely leaving openings that are just right for little birds but too small for squirrels to fit their bodies through.

Spinning feeders also have weight sensitivity. Birds are light enough to feed normally but a squirrel will spin or go topsy-turvy when trying to feed. They eventually lose their balance and give up with no chance to eat your birds’ food.

Finally, baffles aid and augment existing bird feeders, fitting like a cone and housing the feeder. The cone prevents the squirrel from climbing the pole and reaching the precious seed.

There are many options in your arsenal to win the war for your birdseed.

To learn more about finding the best squirrel proof bird feeder for your needs, watch this helpful video here.