Goldfinches are gorgeous little birds that are bright yellow in the summer. The males have a little black cap and the females and juveniles are a browner shade of yellow. They are another year-round bird though they will appear browner in their winter plumage.

Goldfinches readily come to bird feeders. They feed almost exclusively on seeds. Their beaks are large enough to open sunflower seeds but they will also eat the smaller safflower and Nyjer or thistle seeds. Most birders swear by good Nyjer or thistle seed feeders for attracting finches. The Quick Clean Spruce Nyjer Medium Tube Feeder would be a great option attracting several goldfinches at one time.

Their natural feeding style is to cling to the seed heads of tall grasses and plants such as coneflower and sunflower. Tube and mesh feeders are perfect for accommodating their acrobatic feeding style while allowing many birds to feed at once. A popular mesh tube feeder for finches is the Onyx Clever Clean Finch Magnet 12″ Mesh Tube Feeder by Droll Yankees.

Don’t worry if you do not see goldfinches at your feeder for little while in summer. July, especially, can be a busy month for them as they raise their young. If you are lucky, you will see their fledglings at your feeder in the fall. Goldfinches will also visit your feeder throughout the winter and spring.

They are highly social and the males loves to sing. However, goldfinches can be easily spooked, especially by people and larger birds. So take care placing your feeder in an area that is unlikely to be disturbed and consider offering a second feeder such as a hopper feeder for larger birds. This will give goldfinches as well as other small birds like the chickadee and titmouse the peace they desire.

For more information on attracting goldfinches to your yard, watch this video here.