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Do you enjoy watching birds in the comfort of your backyard?  Bird feeders are the perfect complement to any landscape that allows you to do it!  They can be both decorative and functional so that you can get the best of both worlds.  Since we offer such a large selection on our website that attracts different types of birds and personalities, choosing the right one for you depends on several factors.  For instance what species live in your area, what is the climate of your region, how often you can fill your feeder and one of the most important factors is if squirrels are a problem in your area. 

Before finding the perfect feeder for your garden, you need to know what type of birds are in your area. Do not settle for a small feeder when you try to attract larger kestrels to your backyard. Many feeders have large platforms for larger birds or for a variety of birds to eat at the same time. There are mesh and tube feeders for bird species that like to “cling” to a surface while feeding. Some birds love mixed seeds, while others prefer to eat from a tallow cake. Do you notice many hummingbirds in your garden? If that is the case, then you will require a suitable hummingbird feeder which can dispense nectar. 

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In other times you will note that there are many decorative feeders out there. You may be wondering how these beautiful decorations can be functional. Well, there are a ton of great feeders in the market that serve as useful and are high-quality. Our decorative bird feeders are so charming and unique that you will want to show them off in your yard.

To observe wild birds feeding up close, you can choose to go with a window feeder. These light-colored feeders adhere to any glass window in your home, allowing you to detect the color and behavior of many types of wild birds.  They are fun for the entire family!

After knowing the types of birds which you wish to attract to your bird feeders, you should consider the weather conditions in your area. Wind conditions mean that a ton of birdseed will be wasted and thrown to the ground if you choose a feeder that exposes a large amount of food you are providing, like platform feeders. In that case, buying a tube feeder will happen to be a smarter choice since the seed cannot go anywhere during wind gusts. In case of a wet environment, make sure your seeds have a way to drain. If the water stays with your seeds long enough, they will rot and make your wild birds sick.

Finally, you must consider the predators that lurk in your garden. Placing a bird feeder in your yard will not only attract birds. Before you know it, you may have a problem with squirrels! These thick tail pests will stop at nothing to steal your expensive bird food and scare away all the birds that would typically come to your feeder. That is why we sell all types of feeders that are squirrel proof.

No matter what type of feeder you are looking for, Bird Feeders Pros offers a wide range of bird feeders that will fit your needs and garden decor!  For more information on how to choose the right feeder for you, watch this video here.

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