Tube bird feeders are perfect for watching small birds such as finches, sparrows, chickadees and siskins. They discourage larger birds like woodpeckers because of their unique feeder designs. Tube feeders are easy to clean and have multiple ports, providing optimal space for several small birds.

There are several different choices to choose from when selecting a tube feeder. The caged 6 port seed tube bird feeder has the added bonus of deterring squirrels. No bracket is required and the metal grids protect birds from predators, making this feeder a safe haven. Another caged feeder option is the sunflower tube feeder. This feeder provides a black oil sunflower or peanut feeding option and is also squirrel resistant.

The executive tubular 30-inch stainless steel feeder is a commonly used hanging tube feeder. It’s long lasting and will not fade or tint over time. These dependable metal perches are frequently used because they will not hurt birds’ feet. A similarly shaped feeder is called a mesh feeder which provides the type of material a small bird can cling to. Both types of tube feeders attract goldfinches, redpolls, purple finches and others.

Tube feeders keep seeds dry and fresh for many different types of birds. While they have a variety of different caps, perches and bases to choose from, the tube feeder is a staple for easy bird watching.

For more information about choosing the right tube feeder, you may watch this video here.