Red Rock Twin Bird Feeders


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Red Rock Twin Bird Feeders

  • Holds two types of seeds
  • Two Seed Compartments
  • Built-In Drainage
  • Weather-resistant finish with stainless steel hanging ring
  • Twist-lock design for easy filling and cleaning of feeders
  • Assembled Dimensions for the Red Rock Twin Bird Feeder are 9 inches D x 9 inches W x 12.4 inches H

The Red Rock Twin Bird Feeder is a dual-chamber bird feeder which allows a variety of seed to attract a wide variety of birds to visit your yard.  The Red Rock Twin Bird Feeder can hold 2 types of seed!! With 2 seed compartments, you are able to feed multiple species of birds at the same time. Birds which tend to feed from the Red Rock Twin Bird Feeders include Cardinals, Chickadees, Doves,  Finches,  Flickers,  Goldfinches, Grackles, Grosbeaks,  Jays, Juncos, Kinglets, Nuthatches and more.

One half of this bird feeder has a fine, 0.125″ square mesh, which can accommodate 1.15 quarts of thistle seed or finch blends. Red Rock Twin Bird Feeders have a solid metal divider in the center which creates a second tube with a 0.25″ square mesh.  This side is able to hold up to 1.15 quarts of large seed such as peanut chunks or whole sunflower seeds.  This side also has a perch which offers a spot for a bird to rest and eat.   Birds can perch from the perches on either side, screen or tray, whichever position is most natural for them making this feeder diverse to several species of birds.  Built-in drainage holes help keep the seed dry and fresh. The seed diverter helps the seed to flow easily into the feeding area. You can even spread extra sunflower or other types of larger seed on the tray for larger birds to have a snack on.  Red Rock Twin Bird Feeders have a removable roof which makes the filling and cleaning of the feeder quick and simple. A silver-colored hanging ring on the top allows the feeder to be hung, and screws on tightly to keep the feeder closed.  The Red Rock Twin Bird Feeder is made with Durable, all-metal construction with a red finish.




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Assembled Dimensions

9.00D x 9.00W x 12.40H


2.12 lb




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