Cardinal Suet Bird Feeders



Cardinal Suet Bird Feeders

  • Beautifully decorated, wire mesh body holds one standards sized suet or seed cake in this bird feeder
  • Durable metal chain and hook for easy display.
  • Perfect decorative feeder for small clinging birds
  • Easy to clean and refill
  • Assembled Dimensions for the Cardinal Suet Bird Feeders are 4.00D x 10.00W x 16.00H

Give your home and backyard the gift of style with a gorgeous, metal, mesh Cardinal Suet Bird Feeder by Gift Essentials. These Cardinal suet bird feeders are built with high-quality materials that will leave them looking great for years. These Cardinal suet bird feeders are made with a beautifully decorated, wire mesh body with the head, wings and tail of a Cardinal.  The Cardinal Suet Bird Feeders are able to hold one standard sized suet or seed cake.  The Cardinal Suet Bird Feeder comes with a durable metal chain and hook for easy hanging display.

Suet is the hard fat around the kidneys and loins in beef and mutton. Most kinds of beef fat are also called suet and can safely be fed to birds.  Due to birds being able to metabolize animal fat fairly easily, suet cake tends to be a high-energy food for birds, especially during the winter months when food can be scarce. Suet cakes are blocks made from suet or a thick substitute mixed with other ingredients, such as corn meal, peanuts, fruits, or even dried insects.  Suet cakes tend to attract birds such as woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, jays, and starlings. Suet bird feeders tend to also be visited by wrens, creepers, kinglets and cardinals.

If you wish to see birds year round, these Cardinal suet bird feeders will make a great decorative addition to your yard.  To add additional feeders to your collection, check out other suet bird feeders here.

Assembled Dimensions for these Cardinal Suet Bird Feeders are 4.00D x 10.00W x 16.00H.


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Assembled Dimensions

4.00D x 10.00W x 16.00H


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