Suet Bird Feeders with Tail Prop


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Suet Bird Feeders With Tail Prop 

  • This suet bird feeder is constructed with durable recycled materials
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Fill these bird feeders with Suet and Seed Cakes to attract a variety of birds
  • Feed Capacity is 1 standard suet cake or seed cake
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Suet Bird Feeder assembled dimensions: 7.5″L x 2.5″W x 11.25″H
  • Unconditional 100 Year Guarantee

This Suet Bird Feeder with Tail Prop by Songbird Essentials features an environmentally friendly design for larger birds like the woodpecker.  The tail prop is perfect for woodpeckers since it allows them to balance with their tails. This suet feeder is made to last for years as it is constructed from recycled plastic milk jugs. The feeder offers two resin ports for birds to feed from.  This suet bird feeder will not fade, peel, rot, crack, chip, or warp. The feeder comes in a hunter green finish.  It is also easy to clean and disinfect in order to keep refilling and having birds enjoy this feeder.

To enjoy baby woodpeckers in the summer be sure to put out your suet bird feeders year-round. To make your bird feeder even more irresistible to suet feeding birds, look for suet or seed cakes mixed with nuts, berries, and fruit.

This Suet Bird Feeder with Tail Prop attracts several types of birds such as Chickadees, Finches, Goldfinches, Grosbeaks, Juncos, Kinglets, Siskins, Sparrows, Titmice, Towhees, Woodpeckers, Wrens, Redpolls, Nuthatches and more.  The suet bird feeder can be hung in the yard where you are able to enjoy these birds feeding.  These Suet Bird Feeder with Tail Prop can hold 1 standard suet or seed cake at a time.  Bird feeder assembled dimensions are 7.5 inches L x 2.5 inches W x 11.25 inches H.

Add to your bird feeder collection and by checking out our other suet bird feeders.

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Assembled Dimensions

7.50D x 2.50W x 11.25H


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